"Chooses one person to interrogate each night and finds out their exact role. That person talks gibberish the next day. Sided with the Mafia."

Like the cop, the Interrogator can choose a target and find out the side the person is on (though he/she knows his allies, he/she can choose to interrogate his/her allies or even him/herself), but also gets to know the exact role of that person. The person targeted speaks gibberish the next day and cannot speak properly until night comes.

An example of gibberish, for "1234567890" is "fjdeieocbq" (though the gibberish changes every time the sentence is typed) and "Test" turns into "qifn". "Test" and "1234567890" are both used by many people to determine whether or not they have been interrogated, as when speaking gibberish there are no numbers, symbols, or capital letters; there are only lowercase letters.


  • This is a new role that was added in August 2017 and quite a lot of people still haven't tried out the role. And in most games, there is only one slot of Interrogator available (the range is 1 to 3).
  • In some games, after the day is over, the victim shares his/her role as the mafia team knows it already. This usually leads to the doctors protecting the victim if the role is important (like the cops, creepers, gravediggers, and the doctors themselves).
  • Sometimes, Interrogators interrogate themselves to avoid suspicion, as usually the villagers are interrogated. However, in the games where the victim reveals their role, doing this is dangerous and will require you to prepare a disguise (preferably one of an inactive player), especially at the start of the game when no living person's roles have been shared.
  • It is said by many that if you only type one letter, the letter won't change, and the message will get across if the victim types sentences in that way. However, this does not work, as shown by what the letters the victim spells spell.