Welcome to Mafia Mystery Game

This is a wikia or guide to an android game "Mafia Mystery" (you may search it on Google PlayStore). This wikia contains of only factual data; we request viewers to avoid editing on pages, strictly. You may add your own blogs, pages will be added only by admins. We have Sandbox and Suggestions page to try new stuff and post new ideas/suggestions respectively. This wikia will provide you with basic rules and give you a clear idea of the game.


Welcome to Mafia! This is a social game of mystery, wit, decisions, and discernment. Once you begin, you will see a town with up to 16 players. Each player is assigned a role and a house. Those aligned with the Mafia must kill off other players until they outnumber the village. Those aligned with the village vote during the day to execute Mafia members. The role of each player is initially unknown until more evidence is revealed!

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