This game is not just tap and watch.

Your convincing skills, decision making power and many other aspects of psychology are required to stand a chance in this game.

There are 3 categories in this game:

  1. Play sided with village:
  2. Play sided with Mafia

3. Play as Fool.

Know your character and support the same side, if you want to win, of course.

Games can be biased on either side (Mafia or Village) or be balanced, depending on number of each characters in the game.

The basic element of this game is,



There are some players who are honest as hell and disclose their roles at the very start of the game, even if they are sided with the mafia, that can be a strategy, but not always.

Some players, rather many, swindle others with words and trick.

Cops and Mafia are the simplest characters of the game. (even doctor)


Let's start with the basic flow of the game.

The game always starts with the "Night1".

Roles that have power to act at night (Check page of every character for this statement), devise a strategy against the opponent side.

All Mafias get to eliminate one person at night.

All cops get to detect one person at night.

The "Night1" is followed by "Day1".

The Library displays the record of last night ("Night1" in this case)...

Based on record, you have to judge the roles of other players...that's logical reasoning of course.

In case you are sided with village, you'll want to know who the mafia is to eliminate them in courthouse.

In case you are sided with mafia, you'll either want to keep quiet or eliminate someone innocent (sided with village) to speed up progress of mafia.

Do trust and don't trust people in this game.

Generally, the mafias keep active on the chat, as the role is interesting, while a villager talks less. A careless mafia can get caught and this is the basis of the game. A smart mafia can convince the whole village, including the cops into believing that an innocent is a mafia, provided the cops don't have the report of that person.

When we have teams of mafia and cops in a game, we can usually see cops eliminating mafia during day and mafia executing cops and villagers during night.

In some cases, Mafias convinced villagers into believing that all cops are mafia! So anything can happen.

As Villager,

it is better you know to the earliest who the real cops are and follow their lead.

As mafia, support your team-mates, both in chats and votes.

Pre-planned voting out your own Mafia team-mate can also be a good strategy to gain trust of village.

As a Fool, it's better to raise a suspicion during the day, so people think you are mafia and execute you.

Beware of real mafias, they won't let you get executed.

Mafias better execute the fool during the night, to avoid the risk of losing.

Be it cops or mafia, with granny in the game, the risk of getting executed at night by granny is always escalated. Maybe the granny could disclose his/her role after assuring that no-one votes him/her out in the day or everyone could execute the granny, thus reducing the risk, which also stands a loss for the village.

With Framer in game, cops can be useless, as framer can make an innocent person look criminal. But sure consider the odds that framer chooses the same person as cops did.

Godfather has an advantage of not getting detected by cops, thus can easily gain trust and lead the villagers, but has to be extra cautious.

Turns reveal the game slowly, so it's not necessary that people will trust you the other turn. Tides can change here. Make sure you come up with a new tactic every turn.

Enjoy playing!

Add your tactics below; any tips from your side!